Dance Fitness

Nia and Drum dance Ireland come together in Inch in October

What Nia is        

A whole body workout, using expressive, grounded movements. Nia is a low impact aerobic exercise which blends dance, martial arts and yoga with exhilarating world music. Nia is based on the principle that the body responds best to pleasure.

What Nia does for me

With regular practice you will experience greater cardiovascular fitness, improved muscle tone, stress reduction, greater flexibility. Improved stamina. Postural alignment. Weight management. Increased vitality. Increased mobility. Improved mental and emotional health. Greater sense of centering, grounding and wellbeing.

Nia will put a smile on your face.

Do I Qualify?

No Previous experience necessary

You do not need to be fit with Nia you can work at your own pace.

Nia is for Everybody - All ages, sizes, shapes and abilities.

What do I need?

No special equipment necessary. Nia is practiced in bare feet.

Wear clothes you can move in and bring water.

How much does it cost?

EURO 70 for 6 classes or euro 10 drop in.